Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine sweets perfect for any sweet tooth

I've always been a sucker for sweets, and when I had the privilege of tasting PhoebeCakes' Valentine line, I was just delighted!

And yes, the name PhoebeCakes was inspired by Phoebe Cates, the Hollywood actress, to anyone who remembers. The baker, Phoebe Estrevillo, had a passion for baking since high school and successfully sold her pastries at that age. Now a full-fledged pastry chef, she launched PhoebeCakes last November. And just this week she launched her Valentine line.

My favorite, which wins hands-down, is the XOXO brownies. Just the right softness, gooiness, flakiness and most importantly - chocolatey-ness! Quite addicting, in my opinion - and my family seemed to agree, as they devoured everything almost immediately. Not surprisingly, these brownies are one of Phoebe's all-time bestsellers which she decorated for this Valentine's.

My second favorite is the Honey O'Mine cupcakes.Kind of reminds me of Sonja's Cupcakes for their yumminess, though Honey O'Mine has a distinct sweetness and flavor all its own. I personally prefer the red velvet cupcakes as they are richer in chocolate though less sweet than the pink velvet one made of white chocolate.

I also love Cupid and Sweet Tooth. Cupid's candy filling blends so well with its subtly sweet cookie. And Sweet Tooth is aptly called Sweet Tooth - these are the classic yummy sugar cookies. The child in me was happy to eat both an X and O. =)

The rest of the Valentine pastries, My Happy Valentine and the stuffed Red Velvet cookies are also awesome, though those I mentioned above are my favorite.

To read more about PhoebeCakes' Valentine line, go to ClickTheCity's article or to their Facebook page. To order, go to their website or contact Phoebe Estrevillo at 0922-8743424. The Valentine line is available February 12-21. TIP: Order three days ahead.

Photos by Carmina Beatrix Reyes.