Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Rainbow, A Wake, and A Cat

The sky was gray most of the day today with sporadic rains. But happily, as the day approached nighttime, the sky cleared and made commuting easier for me. As I was walking on the footbridge in one of the busy streets of our city, though, I was struck by a vivid rainbow that appears to spring from a dark asphalt road that has only seen traffic and smoke for years. The rays of the setting sun bathed the facade of buildings in bright and vibrant yellow, almost making them glow.

Although I was in a hurry, I stopped, overpowered by awe and amazement. How nature can stage such a spectacular display in a city of glass and concrete is simply incredible.

Thankfully, I arrived just in time to meet my friends from the Inner Peace community to go to the wake of our friend Chris’ mom, who passed on so suddenly. I could feel the solemnity and grief in the wake, but the prayer-meditation conducted by Regina, the head of Inner Peace, helped shift the collective energy to relief and hope. I am again reminded that there really is no death, merely transition. There are things which cannot be destroyed. And, while the human body is already a masterpiece, the soul is infinitely more beautiful.

After leaving the wake, some of us hung out at a park in Makati and found ourselves in an animated discussion about teachings from spiritual teachers and our personal experiences. While we were talking, I noticed an orange cat – bigger than a kitten, but not quite a fully-grown cat – approaching us. He walked around a bit, sat less than a meter beside us, then much later curled up into a ball and fell asleep. The little furball looked just so peaceful, not to mention cute! I quipped to my companions that the cat must have been drawn to our positive energy – actually, I believe he was. =)

Today was definitely a “happening” day, though in a subtle way which I could have easily missed had I not paid attention. For the simple yet awesome and revealing moments today I am thankful.

The rainbow, though taken from my camera phone its appearance pales greatly in comparison to the real thing, which I felt I could almost touch

The cute cat which kept us company at the park

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  1. Hmm, you've described the rainbow as if watching an Imax movie. Such a wonderful omen of Love after the death of Chris' mom. Reminds us that her soul is at peace.